Video Plus Print’s® Real Estate Video Books


Industry Leaders and Realtors rely on Real Estate Video Books to showcase their layouts and designs.  What do you use?  Get crystal clear vision of the various amenities and the key features of your brand using Video Books.  Real Estate Video Books will transform the way your clients experience your projects and influence agents to perfect their process.  Think of it in terms of not just another book with photos, but a multi-sensory experience incorporating video; and well made at that.  Save yourself the trial and error you used to go through to produce them previously. Now with Video Plus Print®, you can be rest assured that your competitors will be eager to get their hands on your latest – greatest product.  Our Real Estate Video Book is everything you will ever need to achieve your business vision – and more.

What is a Real Estate Video Book?
A book containing high quality video using thin, state-of-the-art LCD screens of varied sizes that are embedded into paper.  This ensures clarity and sharper imagery giving a vibrant look and feel to your product.  A Real Estate Video Book showcases design, layout, floor plans and more in a book with the use of video. Entirely customisable to your preference, you can add video, audio, motion, light, vibration, Bluetooth and so much more.  You could even include a Wi-fi or 3G option so that prospective clients can get in touch with you or use the hotspot to gain more information from your website.  The choice is yours.

Why Video Plus Print®?
In 2011, Video Plus Print® released the world’s first multipage sensory video book, allowing users to view new videos each time they turned a page.  This unique tool lets businesses tell stories of their products and services with more impact, as the combination of editorial content and video provides audiences a more immersive experience. VPP manufactures all technologies in-house at its China factory.  We have a team of graphic designers, video animators, R&D specialists, engineers, and strict quality controllers that empowers us to offer the highest quality products, latest inventions, and great quality at competitive prices.  We currently have offices in Hong Kong, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, UAE and New Zealand, enabling us to offer services round the clock. Our Video Books get you results and is due to the quality, care and dedication we commit to your marketing initiative. We’ll make it Real.

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