Bring your pages to life with Video Plus Print®

Imagine that you are leafing through your favourite magazine, sitting in your living room or waiting at the hairdresser’s. At a certain point, just as you turn a page, the photographs come alive, music and words come out of somewhere and the sheet of paper is transformed into a multi-sensory experience.Some device borrowed from a Sci-fi film, you say to yourself. At Video Plus Print®, we specialise in fusing multi-sensory technologies into print for all types of marketing collateral.

What better way to showcase your brand than with an interactive presentation with VPP? Our customers have been using Video Plus Print’s® multi-sensory technologies in their showrooms and as gifts to customers for years now. Create a sales tool with us, repurpose as a gift and you will turn your customer into a brand ambassador. VPP champions the use of data visualisation and information design to explore new directions in storytelling with video. Looking for high-quality multi-sensory experiences? VPP specialises in video marketing products.

To learn how our video marketing products can help with your next marketing experience, get in touch with us and power your brand.

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