What’s Old is New again

‘Out with the old and in with the new’ does not apply to everything. Digital prognosticators have been saying that print will be gone in a decade. Anyone who makes these kind of assumptions does not understand history. Ever since the emergence of the internet, we have come across hundreds of articles predicting the death of television. However, television is alive and well with shows like Game of Thrones, NCIS, The Walking Dead and the like. With Print, people tend to pay more attention to the material they are subscribed to rather than say; pop-up ads or ads getting in the way of a video they’re watching. Print piques people’s interest. After a hard day’s work, many of us still like to unwind with a good book or a magazine of our choice.

Social media, online content and apps are all part of the marketing mix today. But what excites marketers and media buyers today is what’s not being done. That’s exactly what Video Plus Print® does. we fuse video into print, enhancing print, making it more engaging and helping clients Experience More™. We create state-of-the-art video marketing products. It may be hard to believe then, but print could be on the verge of a rebirth. Is it possible to say that we may be poised to witness a golden age in niche, high-quality print, like we’re seeing in television these days?

So what do we mean by ‘What’s Old is New again’? Today the internet is the go-to for everything we seek answers to however, we ask questions with Print. So say “yes” to social media, online content, apps, and the rest of it. But don’t forget that print can still play an important role in your overall content marketing mix. Now I’m going to stop writing this post and find a book to read over the coming weekend.

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