The Role of Video in Marketing Today

Video has historically been an important communication tool but it is becoming even more relevant now, as the market is demanding a sophisticated presence in that medium. Video strategy is evolving to include interviews, customer stories, in-depth training videos, etc. Additionally, a Brand’s customers can now harness the power of video through the use of video marketing products so much more easily with the advent of accessible tools and sharing systems. It has been a game-changer for businesses that typically couldn’t afford high-end video equipment.

Online video has changed the content landscape immensely. The tools keep getting easier and cheaper – and high-quality video keeps getting simpler to produce. However, the major change is how people are consuming that content. Over 40% of YouTube’s videos are watched on a mobile device. That indicates that people aren’t looking so much for a cinematic experience, as they are seeking a genuinely interesting, helpful, and/or entertaining piece.

Currently video is the pushing media, and social is the back and forth conversation place. User-generated-content will lead brands and companies, and they will have to follow suit. It should be an interesting and entertaining ride!

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