Business Videos to Solve Customers’ Problems

Video should humanize the customers’ problem. At the heart of customers’ curiosity and questions are their needs. If you show you understand them by demonstrating that you have “listened” to them, you show that you have been busily undergoing the task of building a better product or service offering based on your observations.

Find Your Narrative

What are you going to talk about? It’s emotional content marketing to the customers. You need to address how the intended use of your product or service will implement solutions to their specific requirements and needs.

How to Tell the Story

You might find that using a specific example of a customer’s success with your offering can bring a better idea for your potential customer. A simple story and explanation helps people to better understand how your business fits into the wider context of their existing lives.

Use Your Knowledge and Team of Experts

Try interviewing a staff member, a colleague, or employee. Ask them for their opinions on how the job is done. What are the answers to their solutions? Demonstrating team effort to fit the needs of your customers goes a long way. They can trust that they are supported by more than one person and the whole company is involved. Business videos should involve everyone including your team who are the support network as well key members of your solution team.

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